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    EMT Refresher Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the EMT-Basic Refresher training course involve?

    The EMT Refresher Training allows New York City-area Emergency Medical Technicians to renew their certification. The course is designed to help the EMT refresh previously learned material and learn the latest and most updated information on protocol changes and policy.

    The course is offered in the challenge model, which allows us to evaluate the current skill and knowledge of the refreshing EMT student and customize the course to meet the needs of each student. At the beginning of the class, students take a "challenge" exam to determine what material they need to review. Based on the results of the challenge examination, we develop a customized schedule for each student which indicates which sessions the student will be required to attend.

    Students who successfully complete all course requirements will take the NYS EMT-Basic Certification exams to renew their certification.

    Who is eligible to take the EMT-Basic refresher course?

    You should take the EMT-Basic refresher course if you:

    • Hold a current New York State EMT-Basic card that will expire in 9 months or less
    • Hold an expired certification as a New York State EMT-Basic
    • Have failed the Final Practical Skills Examination within 1 year or have failed the state written certifying examination after a second attempt
    • or, Have received written permission from the NYS Bureau of EMS to enroll in an EMT-Basic refresher course as a result of filing for reciprocity based on EMT training from another state

    If you do not qualify for the refresher course, you may be interested in the EMT-Basic Original Training Program instead.

    My certification expires ------- . When should I take the refresher?

    If your certification expires within 9 months, you should enroll in a refresher course immediately.

    We often receive calls from EMTs whose certification is on the verge of expiring. They typically plead with us to help them. Unfortunately, due to course schedules and state written exam dates it's not always possible. As a result, we encounter too many EMTs who cannot work because their certification has lapsed.

    Under present NYS-DOH regulations, once your certification expires you may not work or volunteer as an EMT until you hold a new, valid EMT card. Furthermore, there is no grace period. The only time you are allowed any sort of grace period is if you take the state written certification exam during the month in which your certification will expire; in this case, you may work or volunteer as an EMT until you receive your new certification card.

    Please watch your expiration date carefully. You can take your state written certification exam up to 9 months before your card expires. Your new certification card will have up to 9 months of remaining time from your old card added to it. This in effect allows you to enroll in a refresher at least 10 months before your card expires and retain any remaining time from your old card. More importantly, it ensures that there is no lapse in your certification or in your ability to work/volunteer.

    When do classes start? Are there weekday/evening/Sunday classes in my area?

    The EMT-Basic Refresher classes are offered on an ongoing basis, to accommodate our large student population. For more information please visit the link below:

    How much does the course cost?

    The cost of the EMT-Basic Refresher training course is $595. The (optional) textbook costs $65.

    A non-refundable $195.00 registration fee is required to reserve a seat in the class. This amount will be applied to the course tuition.

    The balance of $400.00 is due on the first day of class.

    Payments may be made by check or money order. We are unable to accept credit cards at this time.

    I'd like to sign up for a class. How do I enroll?

    To reserve a seat in a class, you must fill out a registration form and return it to our office with a non-refundable $195 deposit.

    You can register online by clicking the link below:

    You may also visit our office to register in person, or contact our office to have us mail a course listing and registration form to your address. Our contact information and office hours are listed here.

    How do I get to your main office/training location/testing center?

    Visit our directions page for directions to our main office, training locations, and testing centers.

    I still have questions. How can I contact you?

    Our contact information and office hours are listed right here for inquiries about our EMT refresher training.