Why a College Student Should Get EMT Certification

Worried that Artificial Intelligence will steal your job? 

Get your EMT training.

The leaps and bounds of technology have already begun eliminating many jobs. Especially many entry level jobs typically taken by college students. 

Some sectors that are in immediate danger: Truck drivers/cabbies, retail sales and cashiers, food prep, cleaning, manufacturing. 

But not trained EMTs. According to Huffington Post, AI or Robotics has yet to cause any decrease in medical care, including EMT jobs. It is the FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY, expected to grow 15% by 2026. 
(Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Why are EMT jobs safe?

1) Responding to emergencies takes a degree of nuance and insight that AI is not capable of. 
2) Car crashes, medical emergencies, natural disasters and acts of violence are as prevalent as ever. 
3) An aging baby boomer population means a rise in the number of medical care providers needed. 

EMT Salary is Not That Great: Why Should I Become an EMT? 

The average EMT salary was $32,670 in May 2016. Though this isn’t high, the job provides a solid foundation for more lucrative careers anywhere in the medical world.
? Many paramedics, doctors, and nurses begin their medical careers as EMTs 
? Valuable hands on experience gained as an EMT makes it easier to move up the ladder in the medical profession. 
? Just 150 hours of training required to begin gaining valuable experience worth years of schooling. 
? Firefighting, emergency management and physician’s assistant are just one of the many occupations you’ll have an “in” on if you are an EMT. 
? Even as a teacher, parent and child care professional, the CPR certification and first aid training can be a big plus. 

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