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Meet…Todd Rosenhaus

Todd has been an instructor with Emergency Care Programs for many years and is happy to share his EMT history with our students. Let us know if you have any questions for Todd ?

When did you decide you want to become an EMT?
It all started because of the TV show “EMERGENCY” that I watched (and still watch) when I was growing up.

What 1 event (good/bad/ugly) in life factored into your decision to save lives and become an EMT?
Knowing First aid has always been in my family, so I was taught early before becoming an EMT. It was always important to know I had the potential to save a life. Becoming an EMT has just given me more tools to work with.

Did you volunteer / intern as an EMT before you made it your career?
I have been a volunteer for over 30 years. EMS is an unpaid career for me. I do it to give back to the community.

Tell me the best way to find an EMT job?
You need to work hard and do your leg-work, every ambulance company is different. You need to be confident.

What is your Level of Certification? EMT/Paramedic/Lab Instructor/Lead Instructor
I am an EMT and a Senior Instructor (CIC). I also hold a National Registry EMT certificate.

How challenging is it being an EMT?
It’s only challenging if you do not put time into your class. Everything is not going to be handed to you on a “Silver Platter”. You need to study, practice, and not be afraid to ask questions.

How do you keep sharp in your own skills?
Besides performing my skills on the ambulance, every time I talk to students about a skill, or demonstrate hands on about a skill, I keep sharp.

How is your family life affected – are they supportive of your job?
They always support me; they understand why I do it so maybe they will follow.

What is your most inspirational “save”?
Any save that a person is able to survive is inspirational.

What was your greatest “loss” on the job and how did it affect you?
The greatest loss is that my best friend cannot work with me anymore. He was hurt while working on 9/11 and because of his injuries, and he cannot work. So for a while it was hard to talk to him about EMS but it has been getting better.

How’s the comradery on the job with your fellow EMTs?
It’s a second family.

What advice can you give others who want to become an EMT?
You need to want it not just for a job but to care that you will make a difference.

Why do you enjoy teaching your students?
I love knowing that I am teaching people who want to make a difference.

How do you encourage others to follow this career path?
I tell them the truth: you are going to have good, bad and ugly days and you need to take it one day at a time. But just think! You will be making a difference to someone.

Words of wisdom for our students / future-EMT’s?
Practice, Practice, Practice